Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pre Turkey Linky Love

On Friday, I saw people out buying ingredients for their Thanksgiving dinner.  People had SERIOUS lists going.  I have never seen so many people shopping with lists.  I decided to do a pre thanksgiving linky.  Surely people need a break from all the Thanksgiving planning.

27 Ways to Win Thanksgiving
Just a few hints to make it through the holiday

Treating PTSD with ...Tetris?
This is an intriguing idea.

The Neurotypical Mom: What has become of Motherhood?
Lots of food for thought.  As an introvert I hate having my kids involved in a bunch of activities. But I find myself running around too. There are some really good observations.

Cinnamon Roll Turkey's
This is something of a tradition at my house.  My boys are older so don't know if we will do but I hope we will.

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