Sunday, April 13, 2014

Poverty/Tiny Houses linky love

There is has been a lot of press of the Tiny House movement.  I am fascinated by the whole tiny house concept. So linky love this Sunday is all on Tiny Houses and Homelessness/Poverty. There is some thought that Tiny Houses might be one of the solutions to homelessness.

This is good overview of the whole tiny house concepts and includes the documentary - "We the Tiny House People"

Teacher Tom and stipends for the poor.

Mobile Homeless Shelter - This so reminds me of the story line of 2 Broke Girls and Deke who lives in a renovated dumpster.  Mod Vintage did a post on it. 

Tiny Houses for the Homeless- This is a urban village in Olympia, WA that is made up of tiny houses for the homeless. 

My friend wrote a brilliant post on Poverty and how it is effecting her.  Check it out- Poverty of Compassion

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