Friday, April 11, 2014

Is Wyoming on Your Mind?

Wyoming State Capital Building
While we were in Colorado for Spring Break.  We decided it would be fun to drive up to Cheyenne for the day.  My parents prefer to head to Cheyenne over Denver.  I don't ever recall growing up and really visiting Cheyenne.  So we took off in a full mini van and after back tracking to the Welcome to Wyoming Sign.  We found a geocache and got this cool picture.

We stopped for lunch at the Golden Arches and headed to an interesting virtual cache. It was called GPS calibration. This is a virtual geocache and also a bench mark, survey marker.  Benchmarking is also another activity that some geocachers enjoy doing.

We also visited the Wyoming State Museum. 
Boot outside of Wyoming State Museum
I can't believe this was free.  This small museum is well worth a stop.  This place is chock full of some really interesting stuff. There is some amazing native artifacts.  I especially loved the beaded horse mask.  I failed to take a picture of the mask of course. THERE IS EVEN A GEOCACHE IN HERE.  I am going to have to spoil it for you.  It was in a replicate of an outhouse.

They had a traveling exhibit of trout decorated by Wyoming High School Art Classes. The exhibit is called "Traveling Trout."These were very cool.  Below is a few of my favorites.
plastic knives are used for the fins
Charlie trying to be a flying fish?
Of course, we came all the way to WYOMING to climb this snow mountain. It was just too great of a temptation for a few in our group.
Lastly, we made another U-turn and visited the Wyoming Visitor Center.  It is exit 4 in case you wondered.  I am glad we stopped.  We saw a fox as we turned in.  The visitor center has lots of wonderful hands on stuff.  It is like a physical travel ad for Wyoming. 
trying to power a light bulb with a bike
Cody and Colby
Playing drums in a Tepee
In a Jail but this jail had 2 escape routes

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