Monday, April 14, 2014

Bush Whacker Bob

Recently, we had a geocaching trackable that my husband had picked up in San Antonio, Texas.  We thought we would give him an adventure.  For more information about geocaching trackables click here.
Bush Whacker Bob at Peace Arch State Park
Blaine WA
As part of our morning writing practice Chuck wrote the story below:

Bush Whacker Bob who is he you might ask? Well , Bush Whacker Bob is a not so well known explorer who has traveled to Washington  soon to travel to Colorado where he will be dropped off. We will have help from Furious Ant the 5th member of the Two Man Wrecking Crew . Bush Whacker Bob has already started packing his items like hat, bees, snake and oh his other snake! He also said ,"I liked Ohio it was lovely but Washington was to rainy. I would like to visit a place with more snow and with a mix of sun like Colorado, home of the donkeys...". OH one thing that should be noted , keep him out of the cacti and thorn bushes. Also keep him away from poison berries and he also hates people bickering about who is better Sea Hawks or Donkeys .

The end of our journey with Bush Whacker Bob was in Colorado when we dropped him in the Funny Faces cache. So far Bush Whacker Bob has traveled  6,327 miles.  He started his journey in Alaska and has now visited Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Colorado
Bob at Funny Faces Cache

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