Thursday, April 24, 2014

Museum of Discovery- Ft Collins, CO

I know another post from our Spring Break.  We really enjoyed our stop here at the Museum of Discovery in Ft Collins, Colorado.  This was a good one for adults and kids.  Where else can you find out if you are strong as a horse
Cody testing to see if he as strong as a horse
Or stand in a tornado chamber
photo by MRF
Or blow a made up horn. ( I loved that they had sanitized mouth pieces.) 
Charlie future horn player? He actually did get a decent sound of out of it.
lift a piano
Furious Ant and Cody
blow on a million sequin disks with a fan
Photo by MRF
This sign cracked me up. I am easily amused.
This also amused me.  Ah, so easily amused.

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