Friday, July 20, 2012

Travel Racer Update #3

This is the weekly update on how our travel bug race is going.  For more details click here. Well, Chuckles racer "Crazy" made it to Arizona near the petrified forest.  He is really really in the lead with 2919 miles. The rest of us are eating his dust. #1 Son's racer, Ace, is in 2nd with 130 miles and currently touring British Columbia.  Poor Giant Man Child is pulling up the rear with the grand total of 8 miles. 

Here are the stats so far:

Crazy               2919 miles    Arizona
Ace                  130 miles      British Columbia, Canada
Mrs Honeypot  67 miles       Britsh Columbia, Canada
Shrek                  8 miles       Lynden, Washington

The good news is all of our bugs have been picked up and moved.
Chuckles mapping of the race so far - HARSH

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