Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conversations with Chuckles

Chuckles loves to talk.  He has been saying some rather funny and interesting things lately.

The kids have been enjoying watching the show " The Great Escape". Chuckles was wondering out loud to himself why they chose certain locations.  Then he bust out saying, " I know because they are iconic."  That really took me back as I don't usually find 10 years old boys using that word. However this is the same kid that regularly says, " I am down in the mouth." So I asked him, "Do you even know what iconic is?"  He said, "Famous." Well "OK", I said.

He starts by saying, "I love marinating Nonna's lawn with that tool."  I am thinking to myself, "What does he mean. Then it dawns on me he means he enjoys aerating Nonna's lawn."
Chuckles Driving a Wheelbarrow
We were listening to the radio and they were advertising Christmas in July.  He remarked, " Christmas in July and Boxing Day in July, what next Christmas at Halloween."  Me thinks, he listens to a little too much Canadian Radio.

My cousin and I are technically brothers except we never argue.  I was thinking to myself, " Yeah, brothers from another mother."

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