Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Full Pioneer Experience

We hung out with the Adventure Van Crew. As part of the summer library program, we got to tour some of  Pioneer Park

This is a real treasure in our town. Usually the 2nd graders do this as part of their pioneer unit.  The kids really enjoyed walking around the park and listening to our guide talking about how are town used to be called Jam for the mile log Jam on the Nooksack River.  They even got to see a log that someone kept from the jam. 
Chuckles examining the log
We also got into some of the pioneer building including the school room.  All the kids sat in the desks and wrote on little chalkboards with chalk.
Princess of Quite A Lot at School
On the classroom chalk board were the rules.  I love the last one that you must wash your hands and feet when entering.

The guide also discussed the teacher rules which included that teacher's must not loiter at ice cream shops. We stopped for lunch at the Golden Arches.  We even culturally enriched there as a man was playing the violin in the play area.  He was pretty good. We then headed to the Hovander Homestead Park and fed the animals, walked through the gardens, and ran through the bushes.  We got the full pioneer experience.

The Adventure Van Crew
at Paul Bunyan Garden - Hovander Park

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