Saturday, July 21, 2012

Evening Caching

The other night we ventured out to do some geocaching.  We hoped to be the first to find at "Tanks for Noticing Me."  Sadly, we were second to find.  Then we went for a WALK with the dogs to this other cache to discover it not there. All was not lost as we got a good walk in and hugged a Washington Marshmallow.
Washington Marshmallow
Lastly we ventured to Blaine Pier.  We didn't find the cache there either but we did witness an excellent sunset. 
Blaine Pier
We also met some geocachers from Canada looking for the same cache.  We ended the evening with ice cream. Later we were to get a very nice email from the Canadian Cachers telling us that they found the cache and pointing us in the right direction. I have to say most geocachers are of the friendly sort.

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