Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Madgascar 3

#1 Son
My oldest has been wanting to go to this movie for a long time.  I promised at a surprising easy dentist appointment with 2 fillings and 4 sealants that I would take him.  Movies are hard for him so I figured it must be something he really wanted to see to endure the dentist.  Movies are sensory overload for him. We have walked out of so many movies because he just becomes overwhelmed.  I was pleased to say he stayed for the whole movie.  He did talk a lot during the movie.  We were lucky that the movie theatre was pretty empty.  There were probably 12 people including us.  It was really a good movie.  My son kept saying, "This is awesome."  He was really impressed with the villain and we saw the movie on Saturday and he is still talking about it. There is a theatre about 30 minutes away that offers Sensory Friendly Movie Screenings.  The lights aren't turned out and talking is expected.  You even can bring your own gluten free snacks.  I hope to check that out soon.

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