Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 days to a Better Desk/Office - paper, paper everywhere (Day 11)

I came across this blog entry at the wonderful Centsational Girl on how she deals with paper clutter. She actually wrote what she would do with each paper.  It is really brilliant.  It is a straight forward plan of what to do with each piece of paper and where it belongs. I thought I would do my own list. It still needs some refinement as my oldest son would say but it is a start.

bills to pay - clipboard
junk mail - shred
paid bills- file  or as of right now box
photos/artwork, memories etc - memory box
magazines - tear and then scan
school important papers to sign - clip on refrigerator
medical bills to submit HSA - clip on refrigerator
IEP's /conference summaries - each child's notebook
notes - handy dandy notebook
daily schedule -handy dandy notebook
grocery list - handy dandy notebook
blog ideas - pinterest or handy dandy notebook
calendar -personal one in purse and family one on the refrigerator

I have posted here about my handy dandy notebook.  I use to write notes on little slips of paper.  If you have seen the before of my desk that wasn't really working for me. I now empty my brain or write all my thoughts big and small in a cheap spiral notebook.

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