Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days to a Better Desk/Office Space- Day 1

I am joining the 31 days series hosted in part by the Nester.  Check out what the original 8 are offering  in their series and others who are doing 31 days of Change. ****SEE Updates on bottom of post****

My goal is to post 31 days to a better desk/office space once a day for the next 31 days.  I decided I need an INTERVENTION.  My desk/office is a crime scene.  Welcome to my dirty little secret though I am pretty sure it isn't a secret to my loved ones. I think I have broken every cleaning/clutter law.  The law of chaos is being enforced here.  Mom, look away. I am planning a 31 day intervention.  Join me on my journey.  I am thinking the first step is admitting you have a problem. In my best Dr Phil voice, "How is that working for you." This area is not working for me.

This is not how the rest of my house looks but for whatever reason this room is out of control. My goal by the end of the series is to have a office/desk area I can work in.  I want it to be a space that doesn't attract all this random stuff. I want it cleaned up and redesigned into a work space. I am going dive into this mess. I will be sharing what works for me and when I just plain fail to execute.

*** Edited to add progress links
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Day 13 - Bookcase and Collections
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Day 15 - The Comfy Chair
Day 16 - Dust
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Day 18 - A little bit of this and that
Day 19 - Hitting the Books
Day 20 - Thrifty Solution
Day 21 - Goodwill
Day 22 and Day 23 - Shred Baby, Shred Baby!
Day 25 - Files
Day 27 - Improving Functionality
Day 31 - The Truth - Ta da!


  1. Great idea. I just cleaned up the office space at my flower shop. It has changed my life! Please stop by and read my 31 Days of Orange!

  2. I can totally sympathize! I just this weekend set up a small table for writing. Now if I could just get my postal sorter organized. It is a magnet for all kinds of clutter - all those cubby holes. I'm afraid to post pictures! You are brave! Good luck and I look forward to seeing the finished space!

  3. Wow - your desk actually looks worse than mine! If you can do it, I can. Subscribing with hope for the future of my desk..