Sunday, October 2, 2011

GeoCaching FEVER!

The Giant Man Child got the geocaching fever on Saturday.  We headed to Berthusen Park in Lynden, WA.  There are trails galore there in the deep dark forest.  This is a beautiful forested area really great for exploring.  Because of the large trees our kids GPS, Geomate jr doesn't work here.  (see previous adventure).

The Giant Man Child loaded C:GEO app to his droid.  We used that.  It worked OK.  We ran into some other cachers there - Mr and Mrs Gullible. There is nothing better than finding some Tupperware with million dollar satellites. Chuckles was on fire finding these.  We really couldn't of done it without him.  He has an uncanny ability.

There were 3 caches we couldn't find for the whole day.  I thought 3 out of 10 wasn't too bad. It was frustrating to him. He has the fever bad! My favorite thing in the park is the authentic tree honeypot. What privy!

We also took Tigger on his first geocaching adventure.  I didn't get a good picture. His sniffer was working overtime. Let me tell you he was one tired pup. After we left the park, we decided to look for a couple other caches on the way home. Each had their own flavor- Church, Cemetery, Outlet Mall.  All in all it was a great day!

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