Friday, August 12, 2016

Transition - What NOW

I have been documenting my son's transition from high school to the real world.  
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Have you ever felt limbo?  Well, I think that is what this "in between" is what my kid is feeling.  He applied to DVR  and the school transition program doesn't start until this fall.  My kid wants to work. I love that!

I am going to go dark on the transition subject.  My son turned 18 so this is totally "his story" now. There is a lot I would like to share but I want to preserve at least a bit of my son's privacy on this blog.

HOWEVER, I still plan on sharing all the interesting autism/mental health links I come across. I am always open for questions on autism, transition and mental health in the comment section.

Interesting Linky's


Do Alternative Treatments for Autism Work?

Autism 205 - Understanding the Developmental Disability Administration (DDA):New Pathways to  Future - This was really helpful to me understanding the DDA and their services.  It is complicated. This is specific to Washington State.

Rebecca Burgess' Comic Redesigns Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes

Diagnosing Depression in those with Autism I wish I had knew about this earlier.  This article does a really good job of discussing this.

US Dept of Education Releases Guidance to Schools on Ensuring Equity and Providing Behavioral Supports to Students with Disabilities -  As I have said from the beginning, all students can benefit from positive behavioral supports and social skill training.

Shocking New Role Found for Immune System: Controlling Social Interactions - I am interested to see some more research on this.  It is really intriguing.

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