Wednesday, August 10, 2016

All Things Podcast Related

I am loving podcasts.  I enjoy them immensely so I thought I would share some stuff about podcasts. Stuff I love and stuff to check out.


5 recent podcast episodes I loved

How to listen to podcasts on your smart phone

15 Funny Podcast for Parents to Enjoy by the Pool

I really enjoyed the Lazy Genius -   Episode 9: Soul Whispering Boss Lady - This is with Emily Freeman " Chatting at Sky"  talked about the creative process .  I found it super interesting.  Loved the concept of "Choosing Absence" which also includes "Choosing Your Presence"

Raising Men: What Navy Seals Teach Their Sons First off, I have no idea how I found this particular podcast.  It is actually on the blog The Art of Manliness.  I think this podcast could apply to all parents and to sons and daughter.  In fact, they talk about daughters at the beginning. Eric Davis is an author and retired Navy SEAL.

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