Saturday, June 11, 2016

Transition from High School to the Real World - Pt 4

This is my personal journal about my son's journey to adulthood.  My son is a High Functioning Autistic. I thought this might be helpful to other parents with kids facing the transition from high school to the real world.


Got a refusal for a 3 year evaluation for my son.  Mixed feelings on this.  I am more than a bit confused but evidently that is par for the course. Of course this is best for the district but in the long run is this best for my son.

I am frustrated with the system and lack of communication.  I just want to yell "ENOUGH".  IT took a few emails and calls to resolve some issues.  We got it somewhat sorted.  We ended up having a transition meeting. It was frustrating but necessary. My son is going to walk for graduation with his local High School.  He won't get his actual diploma until he finishes the transition program and the diploma will be issued from his local high school.  My kid attended a local school contracted by several school districts for emotionally disturbed kids.  He met all the graduation requirements including senior project. He is going to get a chance to visit the transition program.

Links galore because it is Autism Awareness Month (lots of feel good stories)

Autism: Whom to Trust and Whom to Avoid like the Plague
When Opera Meets Autism  - Podcast from Only Human - very interesting
Standard Approach to Autism Education May Impair Learning
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It seems like everything is happening at once.  That is not a generalization either. I ended up having to sign a waiver for evaluation. My son decided to after graduation to attend community transitions. We got to visit the program location.  That was essential for my kid. My kid loves a preview.  We also visited the field where the graduation was going to be held.  He gets overwhelmed easily.  I want him to know what the expectations are upfront. This month is a blur of appointments.
Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues - The key word is may.  I think this might be a over simplication of the problem
The One Thing We Shouldn't Tell Children with Autism
Autism Can Be An Asset In The Workplace

I love the victory gesture
photo by TT

My son walked for his graduation. There was a lot of contingency plans but he attended his graduation . He was 100% appropriate.  He even had honor cords for maintaining a GPA of over 3.5 for High School. Working on getting connected with DVR.(Department of Vocational Rehabilitation). My son had his intake appointment. I realized that my son being asked a lot of questions puts him on edge.  He can only tolerated this for about 30 minutes.

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