Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Transition from High School to the Real World Pt 2

This is my personal journal about transition for my son on the spectrum from High School to the Real world. I found very little on this subject that applied to higher functioning kids on the spectrum. This part 2 of my series (part 1) My son is now a senior and attends a special school that serves only students that are behavior disordered.

Right now we are in the land of the what if's.  What if he doesn't qualify for assistance from the government?  What if he wants to go to college?  What if he doesn't want to live with us? As a parent, I finding I am needing to shift from focusing on from telling everyone how able my son is to how disabled he is.  That is difficult and in a strange way feels like a betrayal of my son.  I wrestle with this a lot.

I have included links through out to articles I have found helpful or depressing depending how you look at it.

Sep 2015
First week of school rough.  Started the week with no electricity, first day the bus forgot him, and he forgot lunch the next day and never told anyone. Refuses to go to a couple of classes. So in other words, it is business as usual

Adult, Autistic, and Ignored

ADHD Symptoms Can Delay Autism Diagnosis - This is exactly what happened in my son's case.  He has an ADHD diagnosis since pre kindy but didn't receive autism diagnosis until middle school.

Attended a Autism Support Group through ARC.  It was helpful. Thinking about applying for DDA and the need for a medical power attorney. There was a lot of food for thought here.

Sorting out Paperwork
Applied to DDA - took me forever to get everything together.  I surely did kill a tree.
Attended  another Autism Support Group

IEP Meeting - hmmm finally might offer him transition services instead of diploma.  Meet in March/April again to discuss transition. Of course nothing is in writing.


High School Sets Up Autistic Kids to Fail in College Lots of food for thought here.

Heard back from the DDD (DDA) and my son is eligible but on the no paid services que.

Whose CHOICE is it Anyway

Autism is Really a Super Power

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