Monday, August 15, 2016

What I Read August

Summer brings many things.  I like to read a bit lighter during the summer. Check out what everyone is reading at Modern Mrs Darcy's Quick Lit Link Up.

My parents left me two David Baldacci books.  I read The Simple Truth on a road trip.  It was the perfect book for that kind of adventure.  This legal thriller involves the highest court land, the Supreme Court and a death row inmate.

This book has a few miles on it after
traveling with my parents and then me.
Hammer Head: A Making of a Carpenter by Nina MacLaughlin  I picked up on a whim.  It is about a journalist that changes careers to become employed as a carpenters assistant.

Nina decided she was tired of clicking on things for a living. By clicking things, I mean computer work. I can relate to that.  I have this need to create something physical. Overall, this started out a bit clunky to me.  It was written in a similar style as Dirt Work.  They both broke down the chapters based on the tools they used. I am not sure I like this as a literary device.  I am of the camp just tell me the story and less about educating me on the different tools. Nina has an interesting woman mentor, Mary, and I loved when she talked about all the different jobs they did.  So if you want to indulge your inner Nicole Curtis or hammer holding blog goddess Ana White, check this one out.

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