Friday, April 15, 2016

What I Read April

Spring Break brought some extra reading time for me as our family life slowed down a bit. I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy's Quick Lit.  Check out what everyone is reading.

Paper Towns By John Green

My 17 year old brought this young adult book home from the library so I asked him if I could read it too.  It was interesting.  I love the concept of Paper Towns.  The book explains that so I won't spoil it for you.  At first, I was a little incredulous that teenagers would set off to find their friend on a wild road trip then I remember my friends high school escapades. It was a thing to drive to the Colorado/Nebraska line back in my day.  I have not watched the movie. There is an old linky about John Green on YA Fiction - Too Old For YA  I also thought one of the abandoned buildings the teens explored reminded me of the American Life Podcast - House on Loon Lake

By George R. R. Martin

I totally got sucked into the Game of Thrones hype and read the first book. I don't think fantasy is my genre but I really got into this.  I was sometimes annoyed that he left me hanging right when I got into a character's story and had to wait several chapters to get the rest of the story.  I don't think I have any desire to watch the series but maybe.  I do desire to read more in the series. This is like Outlander in that respect.

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