Monday, April 25, 2016

Diary of Mediocre Homemaker- Sourdough

Dear Diary
I feel like I have accomplished the holy grail of homemaking and even managed to make that mediocre.  My friend and I attended a short class on sourdough at the library from a cute baker guy. We received sourdough starter. 
Meet My Little Friend - My Starter - Tigger is checking it out.

First, I want to say the baker guy made it look extremely easy.  I managed to make a giant mess. I had starter everywhere and FLOUR too. 


dough ball

I made two loaves. I was trying to use up my old wheat flours.  The one I made with whole wheat pastry flour we enjoyed more. The starter we received was part rye and whole wheat. This sourdough is the more healthy kind. We slathered ours in butter. Both loaves were totally edible though.

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