Sunday, April 17, 2016

Something for Everybody Linky

6 Words to Say to Your Kids Today

The Novogratz Renovation  - Emily Henderson - Style by Emily. I love Emily and I love the Novogratz.  You got to check out the Novogratz Castle renovation.  It is pretty awesome.

John Schnabel's Eulogy - John Schnabel 96 years old is best know from the reality series Gold Rush. This was a really touching and interesting Eulogy. 

13 Signs You're a Washed-Up Couponer - I think I might be washed up.

19 Reasons Smoke Bombs are the Latest Wedding Trend - For REALS! Can't decide if  I like this or not.  Some of the pictures are really cool.

Man's Fitbit helps Doctors Save His Life

Hotel Guest Finds a Not of Warning in Sheets YIKES!

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