Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What I learned in 2014

I have been participating in "What I learned" each month with the blog Chatting at the Sky.  Since it is the end of the year, I am doing a 2014 wrap up of what I learned.

I strapped on a FitBit and my friend tried to walk me and her dog to death. (love ya Mrs Epi) I did think the fitbit made a difference.  It made me conscious of my lack of movement and  to get moving. Who knew such a little device could make such a big impact?

I really gave my one little word a workout.  My one little word for 2014 was Evolve.  I learn I could evolve.  I even did Zumba.  I was way outside of my comfort zone. I was even was a crew leader for VBS. The whole family got to help with a haunted forest as well.  I can't even watch scary parts of movies without shutting my eyes so I am glad I was able to assist without freaking out.

I read a lot of great books which reaffirmed reading is my form of relaxation.  I participated in Life as Mom's booking it. My year of booking it roundup.
Cody standing with a pile of Ivy he pulled
at the Larrabee Park CITO
We geocached a lot. I know we are totally nerdy. Love it! We also participated in a lot of great geocaching events - North Kitsap Cache Machine, Great Balls of Fire, Mount Vernon Geocoin Challenge, Point Roberts Cache Machine, CITO Larrabee State Park, 12-13-14.

I did 31 days of blogging and discovered it is hard but worthwhile. 31 Days of Adventure

I got to discover the joys of having a 1st year Trumpet player.  It reminded that all of us start as beginners. I appreciate my son's tenacity. 

My husband and I started a little business venture.  We make picture frames from reclaimed wood target frames.  We call them matchstick frames.  So far we haven't been monetarily successful but we haven't invested much and we have learned lots.
shot up heart

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  1. Enjoyed reading what you learned.:) Stopping by from Emily's linkup.