Saturday, March 22, 2014


*** I wrote this at the end of  February. I saw a review of Zumba on another Blog, Home Stories A to Z so I thought it was time to post my own little review.

The past couple of months, I have been giving Zumba a try.  I really like it.  NO I am not a dancer or fitness nut.  It is definitely outside of my comfort zone.  Being on the bigger size, it is not easy to walk into a fitness class. It wasn't for my friend Mrs Epi the first time I would of turned around and ran all the way home. It reminds me of the diagram below.

I am out of shape and out of step.  I don't bounce or glide or turn but I have been doing Zumba for January and February.  Sometimes I even have flow. It feels good. Right now, this is where the magic is happening for me.  Welcome to my evolution.

I love this post from Teacher Tom - About Not Falling Down and how adults make this fitness thing less fun or something like that.

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