Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I Learned in June

I learned it is totally possible to have Magic Moment and In the Midnight Hour stuck in your head at the same time.  I swear for part of the month my head was having some crazy song off.
High School Ninja
Last Day of 10th Grade
Change comes weather or not we embrace it or not.  My son graduated from 5th grade.  No more elementary school age kids for me. WOW!  We are entering a new stage of life for me.  Did I mention I will have a 11th grader as well next year?

Sometimes your prayers are answered by an intimidating in size nurse who takes your very reluctant and uncooperative  teenage son's blood pressure. It is amazing the attitude change.

I learned I still enjoy working with kids.  I volunteered at Vacation Bible School as a crew leader.  Our group was all girls except for Chuck. I enjoyed it.  I loved being silly with the kids. 

Lastly, it was once again re-confirmed to me that a kind word goes a long way. "Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics." I got that from Money Saving Mom blog. That phrase keeps boomeranging around my brain. KINDNESS MATTERS!!! I have been on the receiving end of some heavy judgement from people who don't know the facts.  It hurts. 

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