Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Geocaching in Whatcom County with Kids

Here are some good beginner caches if you want to geocache in Whatcom County.  Don't know what geocaching is?

***Always check for availability. This simply means read the cache description and comments to see if the cache has been found recently.  Occasionally these caches are muggled  aka people take them. Make sure you sign up for a FREE account.

CACHES YOU GOT TO CHECK OUT (this is only a very small sampling of caches in Whatcom County)

WAStatePks100: Peace Arch Cache -Print out a passport here and stamp it with the special stamp found in the cache. Read the cache description for the lock combo. Part of the Washington State Park Centennial GeoTour. Collect 50 stamps on the same passport and receive a special 50 park coin.

Birch Bay
WAStatePks100: Birch Bay -Print a passport here and stamp it with the special stamp found in the cache.  If you got Peace Arch stamp already just stamp Birch Bay in the appropriate spot. part of the Washington State Park Centennial GeoTour.

Mt Baker Council, Cache to Eagle #10 - This is a bit of a hike but doable for preschoolers. This takes you to a little know part of Birch Bay State Park. Park over on the camping side. It is part of the nature trail. **** This cache has been archived. (2015) Still great little nature trail to check out.

Jensen Family Forest Park - This is a little known park.  There is some GPS bounce but the cache is large. Little kids will like this path through the woods. This could be mosquito city in the summer so pack some bug spray

Return of the Slidepark - This is at a park with a slide.  It is a large cache.  This is the perfect first time find.  Remind kids about using stealth.

Griffentown Park - This has Ferndale's Veteran's Memorial.  Also it is a good place to train watch.

Swirley Revenge - This is near the river at Hovander Park.  This takes you to see something neat. It also along the new Nooksack River Trail

Your Towers are Weak, Old Man - This is a little tricky.  Yes it is in the tower.  I have found adults aren't so good at spotting it but kids will see it.  This is a great one for elementary kids. Read the notes. If you got little people take time to play on the playground and feed the farm animals (summer)

Tower of Flower - This is at Fragrance Lake in the tower.  The first time we looked for this we found a letter box outside of the tower.  This one will surprise you with it's cleverness.  This one is a bit on the harder side.

There are so many choices here so I will give you just a few but check for the endless selection.  If you are new cachers stick to terrain 1 difficulty 1 and look for bigger caches.  Nothing is more frustrating to kids then not to find the cache .

Telegraph Trail - Think small and magnetic

WAStatePks100: Larabee  We are lucky to have 3 State Park Caches in our county. This is a lovely drive go on a clear day for a wonderful view. Make sure you print a state park passport and stamp it with the special stamp.

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