Friday, July 4, 2014

Flashback 4th of July Photos

Cody, A, Big E, and Charlie
This is probably one of my favorites.  All the boys are watching the fireworks except one.  We usually watch the fireworks from our street.
Cody, Charlie, Princess of Quite A Lot, Cheezer

For several years, we attended the Blaine Washington Old Fashion Parade with our friends.
The Diva and unknown photo bomber kid
This was also taken at the Blaine Parade in a different year.  Do you see a pattern we always sit in the same spot. I love the expression on the Diva's face and missing teeth.  I have no idea who the kid in the background is.  I don't think it is her brother.
Blaine, WA
There was a house in Blaine that had the Statue of Liberty painted on it.  I thought it was neat.

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