Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - Squires Lake (2009)

Squires Lake 2009
Back in 2009 we went on adventure with some friends in the Adventure Van.  The van is no more but the adventures live on. It was our standard operating procedure during the summer of 2009 to do these adventures .  One adventure was Squires Lake.  The most notable thing about this adventure was I dropped and broke my camera AND we thought we saw cougar scat.  We worked ourselves up pretty good about the cougar scat, too.  I promised to post pictures but I never did so without further ado 5 long years later here are the photos from Squires Lake including the now famous picture of cougar scat. I since have decided that Mrs Epi is an expert scat identifier.

Princess of Quite A Lot


Bones aka Cheezer with Charlie
Scat picture but I don't really see any identifiable scat. OH WELL

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