Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pennies add up!

One of Coin Jars
We used Coinstar the other day to cash in some coins.  I felt a little bit gangster hauling in my coins.

I was astounded by our change amount.  Yes you are reading that right - $126.71.  Did you know if you select a e-certificate/gift card they don't charge you the 10.9% to count your coins at Coinstar?  I thought that was cool.  We turned ours into a Home Depot certificate to help in our purchase of a new barbeque grill.  Our old grill died a horrible death.  So we are the proud new owners of a barbeque grill. We used it grill some hot dogs for Father's Day.

***This post is totally my own opinions.  I received nothing in return from Coinstar which is a shame. 

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