Saturday, June 7, 2014

Celebrating a Year

Photo by KGR
Photo by LDSMACS
Our cache is a year old TODAY!  It has been an amazing and humbling experience.  We placed our cache in Peace Arch State Park as part of Celebration of a 100 years of Washington State Parks. It was the first cache we had ever placed.

 A hundred caches were placed in a 100 Washington State Parks.  There are actually more than 100 state parks.  We had a chance to visit 50 state parks and complete the 50 state park challenge.
Me behind Giant Rhubarb Leaf

So here are some stats

Cache Found: 368 times
Favorite Points: 40
placed 6/7/13
1st find 6/8/13

Details about the Washington State GeoTour
Our first post about placing it.

We read ever single finder note.  We laughed at some of the responses Like Holy Rhubarb Batman and we loved when cachers noted they waved to the guys in green.  We say it again, "Cachers are the best people."  We look forward to having our cache found again and again.

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