Monday, March 10, 2014

Organized Your Home - Week 1

I am joining the Organize your Home in 4 weeks at Money Saving Mom.  Assignments are given for each day.  I decided to keep a running journal entry for the last
week.  So here is a look back at the first week. IT is a scary look into my housekeeper brain.

Monday - Day 1  IT IS MONDAY - No description really needed

I managed to get all the assigned tasks completed.  I struggled with finding 7 items to donate. I did throw out and manage to recycle many things.

My goals for the week are as follows

1.  Blog -3 times
2.  Walk 7,000 steps a day.  I am working up to consistently walking 10,000. 
3. Clear Dining Room Table
4. Work on Project Life (Tuesday)

Tuesday - Day 2 - House work even poorly done is partly done?

I struggled today.  EVERYTHING took a lot longer.  I did 2 fifteen minute tidy up's in the kitchen.  I am a really messy cook.  I got really distracted by our water bottle collection which led me to throw away several.
Yuck - Look at that top shelf
 IT took me 50 minutes to clean the refrigerator.  About at the 30 minute mark, I wanted to quit.  I will be honest.  However, it looks wonderful.  I actually didn't throw out too much food. Is it strange I just want to stare into the fridge?

I did make it to bible study with my broccoli Salad - Wahoo to me.

Wednesday - Oh, I was up WAY to early!

Dropped Hubby at the airport before sunrise.  I am not a before 6am person.

I did a 15 minute tidy in my bedroom.  Found a couple of odd things.  Not sure why a plastic spoon and fork is in the bedroom. See pic below. I also remembered to water my house plants.

I cleaned out the freezer.  This was a mainly organizational activity as I had cleaned it out not to long ago.  I decided I needed to note in my planner in two weeks that I have extra spaghetti sauce so I pull it out and use it. I also discovered 4 things of chicken stock.  I need to use or toss.

Thursday - All this for 11 cents

 The longest project was moving the bed.  Cleaning out under my bed was challenge as it was difficult to move but persistent effort paid off.  It was not as bad as expected.  I did find 11 cents. I also dusted headboard and side tables.  It took about 50 minutes.

I did my 15 minute tidy in the downstairs half bath so it only took 10 minutes.

Friday - Rude Awakening

Well, my dog jumped on me this morning and licked me awake.  So not pleasant.  This has nothing to do with organizing my home.  I just don't seem as alert as I need to be.

I cleaned the couch.  It is amazing the crumbs under the cushions and I know I did it not too long ago.  I was pleased I have broken my youngest of stuffing his dirty socks in the cushions. Ugggh!

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