Sunday, March 23, 2014

Organize Your Home Week 3

Once again I am joining Money Saving Mom and her 4 Week Challenge "To A More Organized Home. " I am keeping a running journal of the week. This is week 3

Monday - Top of The Morning

It was St Patty's Day.  My silverware drawer was clean so I did the 15 minute tidy which cleared away most of the hurricane/typhoon of the weekend business.

Tuesday - I need a "Good Job" sticker

The oven was yuck.  Oh it was so yuck.  I even pulled out the drawer and did underneath the oven. Remind me never to buy black appliances either.  I think they show everything.

We were talking at bible study last week how when we complete an assignment how we need a good job sticker.  This job today I earned a sticker for sure.

WednesdayI have Shrubbery

It is not everyday you wash your fake ivy and put it in the dish dryer.  The easy part was washing the decor up on top. I learned a very important lesson today as I cleaned the top of my cupboards as I was perched up on the top of the ladder scrubbing and scraping the yuck off the top.

LINE the top of your cupboards with wax paper or placemats.  JUST DO IT!   This would of easily cut this job in half or pretty much made this a 20 minute job. Instead this dragged on for about 2 hours.

The sad thing is I actually found an abandoned 409 spray bottle and rag up there.  I said this time enough is enough and after cleaning and I put wax paper down.  This seasoned homemaker can learn new tricks.

Friday - Ah Friday at last and the Dreaded full email box

This was pretty easy day and also my short day of the week as my son always has early release Fridays.  It took me about 30 minute to unclog my inbox.  There is some more work to be done there but I managed to unsubscribe to a bunch of junk email.  IT felt fabulous.

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