Saturday, March 29, 2014

Glowing Monkey

I was reading over some work my oldest brought home.  Yes, I read over my Son's work even though he a sophomore in High School.  This made me chuckle.  So I had to share. I highlighted the parts that cracked me up.

Question : How Do New Species Form? (State your opinion about the theory of evolution. Support your opinion with scientific facts)

I believe that evolution does exist and we still can create new species. My evidence, is the glowing green monkey (look it up). The glowing green monkey was a lab experiment involving inserting the fluorescent genes of a jelly fish into a monkey embryo. The result was a monkey that glows fluorescent green (I'm not kidding about this). By inserting genes of animal into other animal embryos, we can create new species. This makes most mythical creatures possible. This could make even dinos possible!

Teacher's response: Do you think genetic manipulation is = to evolution?

FYI : Glowing Monkey Linky

I love how he wanted to inform the teacher and how he worked the whole response basically into to stuff he is interested in. AND that he didn't even really answer the question.  This post really needs a picture.

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