Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slutty Brownies, Furlough, Magic Cake, Soft Kitty=- Maddness

Earlier in the week, my 14 year old came home telling me he had slutty brownies.  Except I didn't understand the slutty part.  He has some speech problems.  They don't really work on the word slutty in speech therapy. He was sensing that I wasn't getting what he was saying. Finally, he just googled it. Just to clarify someone brought the brownies for their birthday.  I guess they were delicious.  I found it more disturbing they were eating their special brownies while watching a video on marijuana for health. That was lost on my son. He kept saying we had these special brownies, too. Here is the recipe.

My Husband signed his furlough paperwork.  They are proposing 14 days without pay and possibly the end to overtime.  The end to overtime is really the killer.

My sister practically dared me or egged me to make magic cake.  Read all about that adventure here.

Lastly, we were getting ready for bed and I was teasing my husband(It is my job). I started singing, "Soft Kitty".  Evidently either the song or my singing disturbed our dog Tigger.  He started growling and basically mumbling to himself in his wire crate.  IT cracked us up. We finally had to put a blanket over his crate to shut him up.

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