Monday, March 18, 2013

Linky Love

Some days like Mondays just call for some Linky Love

I know this has been going around the internet but the Pespi Max Jeff Gordon test drive is really funny.

This was featured on Nester's Weekend Links but I had to re-share titled " I Want to be Awesome at Humility" at the tiny twig.  I am totally not a house cleaner but a house keeper so I can relate.

This was posted on Facebook by good friend.  It talks about depression and how it changes the brain.  She also shared this " Don't Ask Me What I Do, Instead Ask Me Who I Am." They are both very thought provoking.

Lastly this one very timely as our family is facing impending doom, "How to Survive a Furlough or Decrease in Income" by Life as Mom.

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