Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saran Wrap and What is on my Mind

Saran Wrapped Car Costco Parking Lot
Things I don't Understand -It must be the newest thing to saran wrap cars or I am just old.  We saw another car being saran wrapped on Friday.  This had the added addition of cardboard. Here are some of my other saran wrap car posts, here and here
Sequester is an UGLY word
Current Life Situation - Ah, it is the life of furlough for us.  My hubby is a government worker so we are trying to figure out what our new reality is.  The news doesn't really reveal the cuts that workers are going to take and the burnt earth approach being taken.  There are certain agencies in the government that are going to bare the burnt of these cuts and they are definitely not the agencies with the most pork.  I realize this is the last sector to be hit by the economy but the hit is brutal especially for government employees and don't let the news trick you. I know it will make a small 4% dent in the U.S. deficit but it will make up to a 40% dent in my family budget.

Interesting Links- These are couple of links to interesting things in the Autism and Special Needs Community

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Comments made in an IEP

Autism Moms have Stress Similar to Combat Soldiers

Song Stuck in My Head -The song stuck in my head for the longest time is Aaron Prichett's  song,  "How Do I Get There" specifically the lyrics
Can I ever
unburn the bridges
the bridges I burned
to the ground

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