Thursday, March 7, 2013

Magic Cake and My Sister Made Me Do IT

It has been a while for a cooking experiment.  Both my sister and I pinned from pinterest a Magic Cake recipe via Jo Cooks.  What is a magic cake.  It has 3 layers without each layer having to be poured.  My sister practically dared ME to make this. 

This is made totally with ingredients I think most people have on hand. It took about 15 minutes to whip up and an hour to bake.  The batter was quite runny which I guess is quite normal.  I think I might have over whipped my egg whites but it turned out fine.  The only addition I made was a 1 teaspoon of Mexican vanilla (Thanks Mrs Epi)

I got 3 layers kinda of.  The bottom crust was barely there.  I had to have the first bite so not to poison my family and prove to my sister that this was quite edible. The cake is delicious.

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