Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seasonal Color

Last week, we went and picked up a couple of poinsettias we had purchased for a fundraiser.  The nursery was a sea of red, pink, and white. It reminded me of San Diego when it was not uncommon to see wild poinsettias growing in people's yard. I love the splash of color they provide.

Marble Poinsettia
Jingle Poinsettia
I love the type of houseplants they sell at this time of year - Christmas Cactus and Poinsettias.  I have a few Christmas Cactus -6.  Well, maybe i have more than a few.  I was really introduced to them by the Giant Man Child's Nanna.  She grew them out on her porch and they were huge.
Nanna's Christmas Cactus - Castroville, CA

I love watching them bloom.
This cactus started blooming a week before Thanksgiving
White Christmas Cactus that just started to bloom

I have some that bloom at  Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. This is a plant that my cats don't seem to bother, too. Poinsettias, I believe are poisonous to children and animals. These are pretty forgiving as houseplants go, too.

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