Saturday, November 17, 2012

Arizona Geocaching

On our trip we HAD to do some geocaching.  Most of geocaching took place on the 2nd day of our little Arizona adventure.  These geocaches we found also earned some of our favorite points as well.

We did several virtual caches.  One was at the Meteor Crater. We also did one at the gas station prior to the crater and one on a no trespassing sign..  Our favorite was one near the crater we gave a favorite point to. It was called, "What This About? It was in a rock formation along a dirt road paralleling the road.The kids and Giant Man Child love climbing around on it.

#1 Son
We also enjoyed the one at 2 guns that was part of route 66. It was on an old bridge- Canyon Diablo Bridge. This cache was called, Historic AZ66: Guns  Blaring.
Canyon Diablo Bridge
I just like this pic of Hubby at 2 guns
Not all our adventures were successful.  We spent inordinate time trying to find one near our hotel called Sushi Poo which is a 5 out of 5 for difficulty even with several hints.  It is kinda humiliating being defeated by a cache called Sushi Poo - LOL

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