Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A little Arizona Adventure

Arizona Sunset
We spent much of last week in Arizona.  What a change from our local scene. We were going to support the hubby at a shooting match. 

Day 1
We started our trip by visiting my Aunt P and Uncle Bob.  Which some how I managed not to get a single picture.  We enjoyed a lovely meal and Uncle Bob took the boys for ATV rides.  So now he is their favorite UNCLE ever. We spent the night in Flagstaff.

Day 2 - Craters to Castles

crater sign
We went to visit the Meteor Crater just located outside of Winslow, Arizona. Wow!  We got there fairly early in the morning before the wind picked up. We took the mile walk with the guide.  I found the information fascinating. We were in a tour group with a school group from California. The kids asked some really great questions. 

meteor crater
On the way back to Phoenix, we made a few stops to GEOCACHE.  We are geocache nerds.  We stopped at the town of 2 Guns to find one.  In total we found 9.

It seemed only appropriate as the whole reason we were in Arizona was for my husband to attend a shooting competition. We stopped at Montezuma's Castle National Monument.  The cliff dwellings are stunning and so intact.

Supposedly I had been here as a young girl but I don't remember it. We were there during the week and really enjoyed talking with the Ranger.

Day 3 - Swimming and Shooting
Chuckles swimming in motel pool
My Hubby spent most of the day shooting. 

The rest of us enjoyed the sun and swam.  We were near a mall so we trekked over to the Mall for lunch and a stop at Toys R Us for some browsing time.

Day 4 - More Shooting, Swimming and Gold

Giant Man Child and Me at Goldfield
Really Really early shooting. Boys did some more swimming.  In the afternoon we visited Goldfield Ghost Town.  It is a tourist trap but we took the mine tour and looked around.  I especially loved the honey wagon - mine cart equipped with toilet seats. It wasn't a bad way to finish off the day.

Day 5 - long trek home or a dark and stormy night

More shooting - Do you see a theme here.  The whole family to the range.  Hubby came in 81st in his class out of 140.  There were a total of over 400 shooters there for the weekend. We arrived back home in the rain and dark after 3 different legs at midnight to find our car wouldn't start.  So we cabbed it home. We were exhausted. All in all it was a great trip.

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