Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Toilet with a View - Iron Goat Trail

After leaving Leavenworth this past weekend.  We did some geocaching. (Totally Surprising) We stop at this Bygone Byways Trail . There were stops all along the trail however all the interpretive maps were missing.  It was still a beautiful place to get out and stretch our legs and find 2 geocaches.

We found two geocaches and saw these little falls.

Next we stopped at Iron Goat Trail.  It is a trail that follows a abandoned Great Northern Railway Grade.We really hiked.  Yes even me with the bum knee hiked. We gained over 700 feet in a mile. I need to invest in a hiking pole and a hydration belt. I felt like a goat. There were lots of switch backs and rock stairs. We hiked up to the old Cascade Railroad Tunnel opening. 

We also saw this AMAZING toilet near the Windy Point Overlook.   Hey, this blog is named after an outhouse.  It is my duty and privilege to bring to you the unique outhouse experience. It had quite the view.

There were lots of people out with their dogs.  From the Windy Point Overlook you can see the current railroad track and tunnel opening.

We found two great geocaches on Iron Goat Trail.  It was really great way to spend our anniversary.

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