Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Bavarian Adventure - Leavenworth, WA

Chuckles and #1 at Leavenworth Sign
Pappy requested to go to Leavenworth WA for his 92nd Birthday.  He had driven through there many times with his wife. Pappy and Nonna took the train to Leavenworth from Tacoma.  The train stops at Icicle Station. We met them up there this past weekend. 
Pappy with the Maypole in background
We were concerned that the nearby fires would leave things too smokey.  The fires were to the south and east.  The air quality wasn't so bad that we couldn't enjoy our visit.
sun through the smoke
We had a great time exploring Leavenworth.
All of Us
#1 Son, Pappy, Nonna, Chuckles, Giant Man Child, and Me
We did lots of walking and had a very German Lunch - Sausage and Schnitzel and BEER.  Pappy really enjoyed listening to the Polka music.  HE sat for a long while and listened to guy play the accordion. Pappy use to play the accordion.

WE even went to the Nutcracker Museum. 
Chuckles with Carl the Nutcracker
Who knew there were so many different kinds of nutcrackers.  This is well worth a visit to check out.  It turned out to be really fascinating. We stayed at the Bavarian Lodge. 
#1Son and Chuckles outside the Bavarian Lodge

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