Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Craiglist Crazies

I was browsing the general section of craigslist last week and found these little gems. So many of these have me wondering what and more importantly WHY? Some of these made me laugh out loud. Is it that desperate times require you to post on Craigslist.

To whoever, and however many of you there are. Watch your step. Not only have a set a couple things in place around my garage and car which you seemingly cant resist to keep your pathetic crack head hands off of.And also, our dog is waiting in a surprise spot for you. We left a few things out we thought you would just LOVE to sell for another score or whatever it is you do with your pathetic excuse for existence. BUT! You have to get passed the dog ;) and maybe even a 38 special! Come on give it another go, this is just starting to get fun. When I called the police they thought it was a teenager, and I remember one inparticular that threw up peace to me, i remember you, very well. see ya tonight panzy.

We are looking for anybody who has been stalked by a dangerous animal. This would involve seeing the animal, noticing it stalking you and then maybe attacking you. If you have been in such a situation, we'd love to speak to you! We are about to shoot a television series about stalking animals and there may be a chance for you to talk about what happened on screen! If this is you, please do get in touch :-)

Okay, so this sounds really bizarre, but I am in need of a small quantity of poop from a healthy person in order to do a fecal transplant which I hope will relieve many months of IBS. I have considered my family, but they actually have similar issues as I have.

You robbed my car and you told someone, someone knows what you did and I will find out. You stole a gun, handgun, a Glock 22. I know your friends are afraid of what you did and you are afraid on what to do with it. You will try to hide it, you might even try to get rid of it. All your choices are bad and will result in bad karma. If you or anyone else wants to get good karma or help out someone who got there car dash destroyed, wallet stolen, personal family heirlooms stolen, and gun stolen, than email me.
The person who did this is fool and might shoot the gun on some bender and hurt you or some by-standard in a new found lust for armed robbery. They most likely live around the Sportplex area, Do you feel safe with a gun stealing thief around? Even more dangerous is the karma to fall on the thief.

So if you need some entertainment check out craiglist.  Evidently it is where the crazies post in the general section.

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