Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heart String Art

I have been working on putting together a love inspired gallery wall in my upstairs hallway. This was part of my 2012 Home Goals. I was missing a large art piece for it.  I stumbled across a string heart from More Design Please on pinterest.  You know string art that we did at camp. I knew it was just what I needed to pull the whole thing together. This was an inexpensive project.  The piece of wood was free and I already had the spray paint.  I did purchase nails and the crochet string/yarn.  It was under $5 for the nails and crochet string. I did get a little over zealous pounding the nails in so I have a few nails sticking out the back.  I am going to glue some felt on the back.

Now the wall that I am going to hang all my wonderful heart/love stuff on really could use a paint job. I am all about the baby steps. 

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