Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Rules/ Summer Lists

School is FINALLY out for the summer.  I participated in Ali Edwards Summer Manifesto check that out here. I listed what I thought would be on our summer list.

This morning I sat down with the wrecking crew and discussed what they would like to do for the summer.  This is our decorative list.  Here is what on it:
1. See cousins
2. Beach
3. Play with friends
4. Travel Bug Race
5. Splash Park
6. Lite Fireworks
7. Dipped Ice Cream Cone
8. Bike Ride
9. Swimming
10. Hot tub
11. Adventure Van
12. Go on an Adventure
13 Library Reading Program
14. VBS

We also discussed the rules.  I think it is really important for them to come up with them in general especially in regards to electronics.  I especially like saying," You came up with that rule not me." I have done this the past couple of years especially since I have older kids.

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