Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Goals

I thought I would join Nester's linky party to discuss some Home Improvement Goals.  These are my top goals that I would like to accomplish this year.

On my list is to complete our little hot tub area.  Our California Lilacs on one side are growing like crazy and make a nice screen to our dog pen.  Now I would like to concentrate on the other side.  I saw this inspiration picture.

Lowes Creative Ideas
July/August 2008
The homemade stepping stones and gravel path would be really great.  I also like the slightly raised planter . This post is the original plan and here is better idea what it looks like currently. We started this project in 2009 and I really just want to complete the whole area.

2. I have an empty wall upstairs and I would like to make a Love Picture Gallery.  I don't know if I am explaining that exactly right.  I have these really neat Valentine's from Loveland, CO.  They are more like art. I also have this cool photo of my son spelling out," I love you", plus some really neat heart photos  

Eye love you
I can't decide on a wall grouping.  I think I need a DIY statment piece.  These pinterest things are inspiring me.

I like the love part on the old shutter.  Or should do more of a saying as the center piece?

I have a lot of ideas just not a clear plan. I also like this photo collage - I love you

3. TAKE CARE of our out of control MOLE problem in the front yard.  So far smoking them out has not worked. Any suggestions? Can you tell we aren't yard people? I think this would improve our curb appeal.  We are that place on the street with the MOLE problem.

4. Finish updating the office.  It was part of my 31 days to a Better Nest series.  A lot of progress has been made here but there is some more to go.  I would like to add shelves, larger magnet board, end table for the chair, and change the rug out.  I want A LOT - LOL

5. Fence the entire backyard so the puppy has more room to roam.


  1. Popping in from Nester's! I need to spruce up my hot tub area too ~ it drives me nuts! Your love picture gallery sounds darling!

  2. Found you via The Nesting Place - love that I Love You are work. Good luck on all your projects in 2012, looks like you'll be busy!