Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shrinky Dink Adventure

#1 Son's racer called ACE a teddy bear
The Giant Man Child and I made shrinky dinks the other night.  It was so romantic. This is where you laugh. I don't believe either of us had done this before.  We had a little trouble as I didn't get the child friendly shrinky dink material.  We were making tags with a picture of our drivers to attach to our travel racers. 
What a travel tracer looks like

We just received our trackable geocache tags in the mail.  This is our results.
Chuckles racer - Crazy with backwards z holding 2 bombs
My racer - Mrs Honeypot
Giant Man Child's Racer - Shrek
I thought the sharpie worked better than the ball point pen. Not entirely satisfied with the results. But I think these will work. More details to follow about the travel bug race.

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