Friday, February 2, 2018

What is Saving Me 2018

I am linking to Modern Mrs Darcy's , "What is Saving Me".  Please check out what is saving everyone else. It is officially the halfway point of winter.
Rainbows are the only good part of rain
It is so dark here in the Pacific Northwest.  I often dread this part of the year. I feel like this year I need more saving than usual. These little things are saving me.

Letter Board Wars

I love putting up sayings on my letter board.  It has been my way to put out a little positive energy in my house.  My youngest son has frequently though has been sabotaging my board.  He placed the sounds good on my board.  "Sounds Good" is a pet peeve phrase of mine. Later my son came back with the "Wrath of God"

My board was a purchase from Walmart 9.99 and came with the letters as well.  My husband modified it with a custom frame.

Local Coffee

Coffee is life.  Loving these local beans - Bellingham Coffee Roasters.  Good coffee can make life bearable.

Project Life App

I love love using the Project Life App for scrapbooking.  I find it such a relaxing experience to get my photos scrapbooked.  I do this from my phone. This is such an easy way too and fun.  I can easily scrap a page in just a few minutes. If you haven't given it a shot, you got to purchase this relatively cheap app.  It is so awesome!

Better Late Than Never

This TV show with William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, Henry Winkler, and Jeff Dye cracks me up.  I have actually laughed out aloud.  So that is has been my guilty pleasure. My husband and I were trying to decide what the female cast would look like - Goldie Hawn, Sharon Osborne, etc,  Anybody else do that kind of thing?

Genealogy Cold Case

I am a very very amateur genealogist and I have been researching my great grandfather and his possible criminal pass.  It gives me another reason to hang out at the library for the Library Ancestry Edition.  However, I had a eureka moment and found out most of the details of his case and it was just so satisfying. I found it with a relative simple google search.  IT seems like it seems like the only win in a long winter.

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  1. I just bought a letter board today and can't wait to come up with sayings for it. I have teenage boys so I hadn't even thought about them messing with it. Hmmmmmmm