Sunday, February 25, 2018

Linky Flight

Much Like A Flight of Beer.  I thought I would do a linky flight. Some things are better read together.

Reading and Testing of Kids
Encouraging a Love of Reading in a Culture of Assessment
Dear Schools, Please stop the AR Test and Reading Logs
Are We Thinking About Reading Comprehension All Wrong

Parenting or Adulting
My Adult Sense of Justice - love, love, me some Teacher Tom
10 Insights about Remarkable Parents from a Family Therapist

Self Care
Running a Mile Every Day for a Year
What Self Care Really Means - oh so good and it isn't chocolate cake and bubble baths

Why do you like/own a Gun?
Gun Reform: Speaking the Truth to BS, Practicing Civility and Effecting Change - Brene Brown really spoke to me in the camp of not wanting to allow guns for everyone and allowing guns for some.
When Students are Traumatized, Teachers are Too

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