Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Can't Stop Creating - Zombie Eyes

Sometimes I think Pinterest is going to be the death of me.  I saw these zombie eyeballs made out of baseballs and knew I had to have some.  Inside my foyer, I have a eyeball thing going on for Halloween.  I thought this could be an inexpensive project and it could be .  With moss, glass vase, and baseballs.  My eyes are not perfect or even really well done but in the vase they look good. I was definitely under $15.  Had I not had to buy a glass vase this would of been an under $10 project.

5.59 baseballs (6 baseballs)- Goodwill/Value Village
3.50 vase - Goodwill
2.00 Spanish moss - Dollar Tree

Ways to make this cheaper

have glass vase already
have baseballs already
my dollar tree had kid baseballs for .99 as well
use something on hand as filler instead of spanish moss

 I love how high impact it is.

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