Monday, October 2, 2017

Word To Your Mother (WTYM) - Letter Boards

At about $10, this sign board is a good foray into this Letter Board trend.  My letter board is from Walmart. I don't currently see it on Walmart's online site but my Walmart still had some. It hangs in my laundry room which everyone walks through to get to our garage so it is seen a lot.

I, of course, had my husband build a custom frame because I can't leave well enough alone.


Felt Letter Board Tips And Tricks - I need to revisit this post by Love and Renovations

Here are some links to some DIY versions of Letterboards. I haven't tried either of these DIY's but they look totally plausible and not in the pinterest fail realm.

DIY Letter Board  (treasures and travels blog)

Vintage Letterboard DIY (settling in sawdust blog)

link to the whole series
check out  Write31Days

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